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VIO® 200 D

VIO 200 D incl. 4 socket modules, 1 system software, 1 power cord, 2 instruction manuals

Art.-Nr. 10140-200

VIO® 200 D
  • Automatic output dosage for all regulative technologies
  • Precise power output adjusted to the individual indication
  • New and improved CUT and COAG functions
  • Variable configuration with socket modules
  • Upgrades for specific medical specialties are possible at any time
  • Simple, interactive and safe operation using the TFT display and FocusView
  • Display-supported neutral electrode safety system NESSY provides interactive assistance when positioning the return electrode
  • Individually configurable programs in simple text: switch on the unit and begin working
  • ReMode function: "remote control" via the handle or foot switch straight from the sterile field
  • Designed to provide solutions for specific medical indications in the medical fields gastroenterology, ENT, and bronchoscopy, and for use in operative outpatient procedures
Power output

Maximum CUT output

200 watt at 500 ohm

Maximum COAG output

up to 120 watt

Safety system



350 kHz

Mains connection

Power frequency

50 / 60 Hz

Power input during stand-by

40 Watts

Power input during max RF output

500 watt / 920 VA

System voltage

100-120 / 220-240 Volt

Potential equalization connection


Dimensions and weight

Width x Height x Depth

410 x 165 x 380 mm


9,5 kg

Additional product information

Packaging unit

1 Piece

Ablation of Barrett's esophagus with HybridAPC

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APC treatment of Zenker's diverticulum

» Application details

Tumor ablation using APC 2

» Application details

Endoscopic resection of submucosal tumors (STER)

» Application details

Hemostasis with APC 2

» Application details

Hemostasis with APC 2

» Application details

Treatment of vascular malformations

» Application details

Resection of the lipoma with NT 2

» Application details

Tissue devitalization with APC 2

» Application details

Recanalization of stenoses

» Application details

POEM using HybridKnife®

» Application details

Polypectomy with ENDO CUT® Q

» Application details

Papillotomy with ENDO CUT® I

» Application details

ESD with HybridKnife®

» Application details

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VIO Product Family 355,40 KB EN
VIO D 462,47 KB EN


Company presentation 18,28 MB EN


VIO 200 D 5,02 MB EN

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Art.-Nr.: 10150-000

APC 2: Argon-Plasma Coagulation

APC 2 argon plasma coagulation

Art.-Nr.: 10134-000

EIP 2: Irrigation Pump for Endoscopic Procedures

EIP 2 irrigation pump

Art.-Nr.: 10325-000

VEM 2: VIO® extension module

VEM 2 Extension Module incl. 2 socket modules, 1 ECB-cable, 1 power cord and 2 instruction manuals

Art.-Nr.: 10141-000

ReMode® two-pedal foot switch with bracket for VIO® D

ReMode two-pedal foot switch for VIO D with bracket, AP & IP X8 equipment

Art.-Nr.: 20189-301

ReMode® two-pedal foot switch for VIO® D

ReMode two-pedal foot switch for VIO D, AP & IP X8 equipment

Art.-Nr.: 20189-303


VIO CART, system carrier for VIO family and modules

Art.-Nr.: 20180-000

Wire basket

Wire basket, 339 x 100/155 x 205 mm (W x H x D)

Art.-Nr.: 20180-010

Fastening set VIO® / APC 2 / NT 2 / VEM 2 / ERBEJET® 2 on VIO® Cart 20180-000

Fastening set VIO D/S / APC 2 / NT 2 / VEM 2 / ERBEJET 2 on VIO CART 20180-000

Art.-Nr.: 20180-131

Electrosurgical pencil with 2 buttons

Electrosurgical pencil with 2 buttons, VIO, ICC, ACC, Standard / International

Art.-Nr.: 20190-045

Monopolar connecting cable

Monopolar connecting cable, VIO, ICC, ACC, Standard, 4 m

Art.-Nr.: 20192-127

Monopolar connecting cable

Monopolar connecting cable, VIO, ICC, ACC, Standard, 4 m

Art.-Nr.: 20192-119


Erbe NESSY Ω, split, VIO, ICC, ACC, contact surface 85 cm²

Art.-Nr.: 20193-082

Patient plate cable

Return electrode cable, VIO, ICC, ACC, T-Series, Standard, 4 m

Art.-Nr.: 20194-077

Bipolar connecting cable

Bipolar connecting cable, VIO, ICC, ACC, T-Series, Standard, 4 m

Art.-Nr.: 20196-045

Bipolar forceps Classic, straight

Bipolar forceps Classic, straight, tip 1 mm, blunt, length 190 mm

Art.-Nr.: 20195-000

HybridKnife T-Type I-Jet

HybridKnife, T-type, full-stream, ø 2.3 mm, length 1.9 m

Art.-Nr.: 20150-060

HybridKnife I-Type I-Jet

HybridKnife, I-type, full-stream, ø 2.3 mm, length 1.9 m

Art.-Nr.: 20150-061

HybridKnife® O-Type I-Jet

HybridKnife, O-type, full-stream, ø 2.3 mm, length 1.9 m

Art.-Nr.: 20150-062

NESSY® RePlate 200

NESSY® RePlate 200, contact surface 194 cm², reusable, can be monitored

Art.-Nr.: 20193-090